The Mediator Getting Us Along

When the team hits a bump in the road, the Mediator is there to smooth it out


A Diplomatic Mediator holds the work above all els and can help cut through office politics, emotions, or other conflicts that obstructs collaboration.

Potential Blind Spots:

A Focus on clearing roadblocks within a project may cause the Mediator to lose track of deadlines.

Works Well With:

By Nature, the Mediator values every teammate, but works especially well with solution-orientated medics and selfless workhorses.

Beware Of:

Mediators may be challenged by Generals or dreamers if they come with big egos and stubbornly value themselves over the team or work productivity.

Accredited Mediation

Mediation is a dynamic, structured, interactive process where a neutral third party assists disputing parties in resolving conflict through the use of specialized communication and negotiation techniques.

Legal Advisor

Legal advice and services to the organisation and its employees.


  • Afrikaans
  • English


  • CEDR Accredited Mediator
  • Conflict Dynamics Accredited Commercial Mediator
  • Advocate of the High Court of South Africa
  • LLM, Contract and Company Law
  • LLB, Mercantile Law

Charlene Labuschagne

Director: Marketing & Membership


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